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While our Core Vitality FastVitaminIV™ takes care of your immediate needs for energy and coping skills, how do you go beyond that to true long-term resilience? That’s where ToxiClean comes in, especially for those of you living in a fast-paced big city like New York.

In the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, our Mobile Nursing Network will administer the FastVitaminIV™ to help your body clean and detoxify its cellular system and landscape.

ToxiClean Helps Your Body Fight Environmental Toxins

Like our other Vitamin IVs, ToxiClean will build and revitalize your health through its potent, super-fast IV nutrient formula. The additional focus here is on supporting your body in clearing out the grime that accumulates in your system that can create health and energy challenges.

Of course, if you live in the country, breathe clean air and eat a great diet, exercise regularly and are never exposed to environmental toxins at home or at work, you wouldn’t need ToxiClean as often…

Sadly, though, some of us are struggling with mold or asbestos exposure, or simply work in a job that overwhelms our bodies with toxic chemicals. Did you know that toxins are one of the reasons that your body accumulates fat? Tucking toxins away in fat cells is a last-ditch strategy for dealing with them when the body’s detoxification system is overwhelmed.

What Are The Best Nutrients for Detoxification?

While there is not one best way to detoxify the body, we know that in order to properly detoxify, certain nutrients are preferred over others.

In Vitamin Cocktail 10 T: ToxiClean, we take the power of Vitamin Cocktail 10 C: Core Vitality and turn it into a wonderfully strong and effective IV nutrient formula to be used for detoxification.

The highlights of Vitamin 10T: ToxiClean include:


Selenium is an extremely vital mineral for the human body as it increases immunity, takes part in antioxidant activity that defends against free radical damage and inflammation, and plays a key role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

According to studies, consuming plenty of naturally occurring selenium has positive antiviral effects, is essential for successful male and female fertility and reproduction, and also reduces the risk of cancer, autoimmune and thyroid diseases.

Selenium is able to play such a protective role in the body because it increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, therefore enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress. Selenium is often praised for its role in antioxidant activity which lowers free radical damage and inflammation.

Methionine/Inositol/Choline (MIC)

While most doctors utilize MIC to help with fat loss, this triple combo of nutrients is also critical to helping promote healthy detoxification.

Methionine, the “M” in the MIC combo, in particular, is a crucial amino acid that effectively promotes methylation. As more and more people start doing genetic methylation testing, it is becoming clear that many people do not have the best genetic tools to help them methylate. As such, we have to rely on external supplements, one of which is the amino acid Methionine.

Inositol, the “I” in the MIC Combo, also known as myo-inositol, is best described as a carbocyclic polyol, which forms the basis for many signaling and secondary messenger molecules. As such, it is involved in many biological processes, including the breakdown of fats, the reduction of serum cholesterol, serotonin activity modulation, gene expression, and insulin signal transduction. Inositol is a B-vitamin.

Choline – The “C” in MIC combo, is an essential nutrient that helps to support the liver in its processing and excretion of chemical waste products. Moreover, it is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol, which is important for the healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and hepatic systems.

At FastVitaminIV™, we recommend a series of 8-12 Vitamin Cocktail 10 T: ToxiCleans before moving on to Vitamin 10 R: Reboot.

Disclaimer: FastVitaminIVs™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.