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After building your core and cleaning your cells, the next phase of FastVitaminIVs™ we recommend is Vitamin Cocktail 10R: Reboot.

The reasoning is straightforward:

structure —> clean —-> reboot!

A Strong Mind And Body With Optimized Energy

The Vitamin Cocktail 10 R: Reboot FastVitaminIV™ formula is designed to amplify the cellular response leading to improved energy, better mental functioning, and overall cellular rejuvenation. To accomplish these goals, the FastVitamin™ Vitamin Cocktail 10 R: Reboot calls upon several key nutrients including:


As a trace mineral, Boron serves several foundational functions used by many athletes and bodybuilders because it’s believed to increase the body’s ability to produce and use testosterone, so it’s beneficial for recovering from exercise, preventing aches and pains, building muscle mass, and keeping bones strong.

Additionally, Boron is linked to improved brain function, and in some instances since Boron helps boost concentration and focus, it increases the ability to learn new information.

Vitamin B6 (Pyroxidine)

Considered essential to human nutrition, Vitamin B6 is absolutely needed to build and repair tissue.

In protein metabolism, Vitamin B6 participates in many enzymatic transformations of amino acids and conversion of tryptophan to niacin and serotonin. It also aids in energy transformation in brain and nerve cells, and is thought to stimulate heme production.

Pyridoxine is the most important vitamin for amino acid metabolism, as vitamin B6 is a cofactor for transaminase enzymes that metabolize amino acids.


Leucine is the king of all amino acids as it is absolutely the one needed for muscle growth and repair. As a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), Leucine leads the charge to build muscle.

This is why the majority of high-quality protein “recovery” powders promote Leucine.

Leucine is essential for building muscle and we need this most when we are rebooting our systems.


Amongst the 22 amino acids vital for our body to function and manufacture proteins, glycine is the smallest and simplest, with only a single hydrogen forming its side chain. In humans, it’s found in high concentrations within the skin, connective tissues and muscle tissues.

Glycine has several important roles within the body. It’s essential for the production of many different acids, including nucleic acids, bile acids, creatine phosphate and porphyrins. On a broader scale, glycine is involved in the regulation and support of many essential processes.

This amino acid is closely associated with the central nervous system and the digestive system. Glycine helps with the breakdown of fat by regulating the concentration of bile acids. Glycine is also required for the biosynthesis of heme. Heme is a key component of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential in the maintenance of red blood cell integrity and optimal oxygen carrying capacity.

Due to the range of functions performed by glycine, this amino acid has proven to be important in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, as well as supporting overall well-being.

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