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Here’s a quote from a recent article that featured FastVitaminIV™

Among his avid fans, one prominent plastic surgeon’s wife I know considers Koniver to be a miracle worker.”

– Wendy Lewis,

Disclaimer: FastVitaminIVs™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Introducing FastVitaminIV™: Push to Your Potential

FastVitaminIV™ was developed by Craig Koniver, MD. He specializes in helping people maximize their potential, using innovative and proprietary biochemical protocols combined with a philosophy rooted in organic and nutritional principles.

Several years ago, Dr. Koniver noticed the growing trend of nutritional IV drips. He performed many of them for athletes and his patients, allowing them to compete and enjoy life at peak performance. The demand steadily grew…

While the effects of the initial IV pushes were delivering great results, he thought there had to be a better, faster more efficient way to achieve optimal results.

After conducting significant research, compiling experiential data and taking in feedback from his patients, it began to fall into place.

Believing no one should have to sit for thirty minutes to get an infusion of essential vitamins and minerals, Dr. Koniver came up with an idea to give those with busy lifestyles the vitamins and minerals they need in a quick and easy way, without sacrificing quality. He’s been featured on ABC News and is recognized nationally as an expert medical consultant who treats professional athletes, heads of industry, movie and television stars and people from all walks of life.

Ready to join the 1,000’s who’ve experienced elevated energy, experienced mental clarity and enhanced their vitality with cutting-edge, fast-push IV technology?

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Our clients love us! Here’s what they’re saying:

Patrick Jackson

Patrick Jackson

I’m a personal trainer and football player. I’m always looking for ways to improve my training and I was referred to Dr. Koniver. I tried the VitaminIV and the LiveLeanIV. I was very impressed with the results! My energy increased and I lost 5 lbs the first week, it was just what I needed. The IV made it possible to get results fast. I’m a huge fan. Thank you Dr. Koniver!

Cathy Houston

Cathy Houston

Ever since starting the IVs with Dr. Koniver, my workouts are amazing. I have more energy than I have had in such a long time and my skin looks great too.

The FastVitaminIVs have definitely changed my life for the better and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their performance.

Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson

I’ve been getting a FastVitaminIV from Dr. Koniver for several months now and love how I feel!

The IVs are so quick and easy and I love how I feel after each one. I am now able to work out longer and definitely am getting more toned and strong since starting the IVs.

Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari

Although, I am not an athlete on the field, I’m sort of one in a sense as an actress. I met Dr. Craig Koniver while filming my new show South of Hell on location in Charleston, SC and I must say, he and his methods were a saving grace! The filming required a lot of stunt work as well as long hours, and with such a fast shooting schedule being able to meet with Dr. Koniver and get a quick nutritional boost was just what I needed to stay healthy and capable of performing at mybest. I ended up seeing Dr Koniver almost weekly during the filming and even brought our executive producer/director Eli Roth to him, as well, to get a Fast Vitamin IV.

Dr. Koniver is not only an awesome friend now, but a truly caring, compassionate, considerate doctor who always goes out of his way for his patients and the health of others. I only wish he and his services could now become more widely available here back in Los Angeles as it’s such a needed practice in this industry.

Matt Remington

Matt Remington

When I first did my first Fast IV with Dr. Koniver, I had no idea I would start to see the results so quickly. I went from being tired and not having the motivation to work out to a semi-professional cyclist in a short period of time. My workouts now are intense and my recovery is so quick. I encourage any athlete or anyone looking to boost their motivation and athletic potential to start these IVs. Thanks, Dr. Koniver, you really have helped me.

Mobile Meet AGILE

Still relying on oral supplements, “Myers Cocktails”, or heavily-diluted IV drips?

FastVitaminIV™ is the ONLY patent-pending nutrient IV that works better WITH speed!
Now, for the first time anywhere, Dr. Koniver brings FastVitaminIVs™ right to you at home or at work.

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Science of FastVitaminIV™

Cutting Edge. The Future.

FastVitaminIV™ is specifically designed by Dr. Koniver to scientifically outclass traditional IV drips offered by old school IV services which take 30-120 minutes to deliver their diluted mixtures.

By pushing the FastVitaminIV™ blend in 60 seconds or less, your body quickly gets what it needs. You may feel what people describe as an “amazing” rush as every cell in your body sucks in the bounty of undiluted vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

What’s in the FastVitaminIV™ blend?

FastVitaminIV™ is prepared according to a rigorous pharmacological process in a special lab. Every vial is 100% sterile and each high quality ingredient is the purest available.

The Science Behind

The Science Behind The Fast-Push Method:

Each FastVitaminIV™ formula consists of a core group of nutrients that synergistically allow for fast absorption into your cells, muscles and brain. Your FastVitaminIV™ is designed to work best when pushed into your body in 60 seconds or less. Each FastVitaminIV™ formula is made with a large array of amino acids that go to work quickly in the body, allowing you to feel better faster, unlike all other IV drips that are heavily diluted with water and get dripped in slowly. Your FastVitaminIV™ is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility – quite different than drip IVs made in the back of an office or vehicle.

Mobile Nursing Network

Mobile Nursing Network:

For the first time, every New Yorker can enjoy the benefits of the Fast-Push effect at home or at work. FastVitaminIV™ has created a true Mobile Nursing Network to deliver FastVitaminIVs conveniently. Because each FastVitaminIV™ is delivered in 60 seconds or less, without the need to spend valuable time waiting for the IV to start and finish. You can book a regular IV at your convienience. Many clients choose weekly or twice weekly FastVitaminIV™ boosts to keep them at the peak of performance.

The Formulas

The Formulas:

Vitamin 10 C: Core Vitality
Vitamin 10 T: ToxiClean
Vitamin 10 R: Reboot
While each formula can be used independently, Dr. Koniver has created a comprehensive nutrient program from the FastVitaminIV™ formulas.
Each FastVitaminIV™ solution is tested at the highest level of stability and sterility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most commonly asked questions.

How is FastVitaminIV™ different from other IV treatments?

Traditional IV treatments require you to spend 10-60 minutes with a needle in your arm connected to an IV line inserted in a bag hanging from a pole. FastVitaminIV™ drastically decreases the amount of time you spend to 1-2 minutes and eliminates the need for a needle stuck in and taped to your arm.

By design, traditional IV treatments deliver nutrients in diluted form. But with FastVitaminIV™, undiluted nutrients saturate your body and you may feel an immediate rush that many patients describe as “amazing”. You won’t get that with traditional IV treatments.

What is the FastVitaminIV™ “Push Effect”?

The “PUSH Effect” is the name given to the feeling a patient experiences after receiving a FastVitaminIV™ treatment. Some people feel a surge of energy, others an immediate sensation of general happiness and others a boost in mental clarity and focus.

Could the “PUSH Effect” be too intense or strong for me?

96% of patients report an overwhelmingly positive mental and physical experience after receiving their initial FastVitaminIV™. Some of the physical sensations you might experience include heat or warmth all over your body due to the vasodilation of your blood vessels. This is normal and expected.

What if I’m a highly sensitive person?

You can still receive a FastVitaminIV™. Let the administering Nurse know if you’re highly sensitive and they will slow the push and virtually eliminate any negative response your body might have. Nearly everyone experiences the warmth of the IV and that is a normal and expected response.

Is there anything in FastVitaminIV™ that will cause an allergic reaction?

The proprietary FastVitaminIV™ blend is 100% natural and won’t trigger most allergies. In fact, FastVitaminIVs™ have been administered to thousands of patients and there has never been any allergic reaction.

Are FastVitaminIVs™ safe if I’m taking prescription medications?

There are no prescription contraindications for receiving a FastVitaminIV™. The only patients who should not receive a FastVitaminIV™ are those that are: under the age of 18; pregnant; under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol; or those using over-the-counter stimulants.

What if I suffer from adrenal fatigue?

FastVitaminIVs™ are a great option for those with adrenal fatigue (or other hormonal imbalances). By providing critical nutrients that are 100% absorbed, FastVitaminIVs™ are very safe.

How many FastVitaminIVs™ have been administered?

Over 1700 people have experienced the life changing effect of FastVitaminIV™. Patients love the way FastVitaminIV™ makes them feel. They routinely report increased performance in their professional and personal lives. After the initial treatment, most people make FastVitaminIV™ a regular part of their health regimen.

Tell me more about Dr. Koniver

Dr. Koniver has been practicing medicine for over 17 years. He still runs an active practice in Charleston, SC where people from all over the country seek out his services. You can read more about Dr. Koniver here.

How often can I get a FastVitaminIV™?

You can choose to receive a FastVitaminIV™ as often as twice-weekly. Many patients find that weekly FastVitaminIV™ treatments keep them in a state of optimum performance.

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